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    COCLATOURS: Who are we?


    Thank you for taking a moment to explore what we can offer you during your trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu! We are a tour agency that works with cooperative coffee and cocoa organizations in the region of La Convención in Cusco. At COCLATOURS we strive to offer you the best in travel and tours to make your holiday experience a memorable one!

    The organization we are collaborating with is the COCLA cooperative, which was created over 50 years ago. It is a second-degree cooperative working with farmers close to Machu Picchu. COCLA’s objective is to export local Peruvian agricultural products, such as coffee and cacao, to international markets and obtain fairer prices. COCLA’s strategy over the years has always been the differentiation in quality, environmental and sustainability expectations.


    COCLATOURS offers you amazing and informational experiences during your trip through Peru. We have conventional tours in Lima, Ica, Arequipa, Puno, Cusco, and Puerto Maldonado. Each of our tour partners with responsible organizations and families is there to share their way of life with you. 


    Join us to discover our culture, see life through a local’s perspective, learn about the wonders of coffee, and cocoa, and above all enjoy some of the best tours in Southern Peru! Contributing to our organization and engaging with local families during your stay does not mean paying more! We are here to support and guide you in a way that does not hurt your wallet. Contact us at info@coclatours.com 


    Why Travel With COCLATOURS:

      • We are a local Cusco tour operator, a tourism organization with 10 years of experience managing tours.
      • We offer traditional and alternative tours in Cusco, such as the coffee, cocoa and tea tours, en route to Machu Picchu.
      • Our non-traditional tours in Cusco and Machu Picchu involve local farming families, who we support economically so that they can offer you their experiences as organic farmers with a fair trade certification.
      • We collaborate with tourism professionals.
      • We offer homestays with local families in Arequipa, Puno, Cusco, and Puerto Maldonado.
      • If you are a coffee lover, then come with us to enjoy an experience that you will remember forever; and while you’re at it, savor a really good cup of coffee!


    COCLATOURS History

    Ten years ago, the COCLA cooperative got involved with tourism as a strategy to offer more opportunities to our local coffee producers. Because of this, we’re able to diversify the economic activity on their farms and generate more income for them. How did we do it? We hired professional staff that helped us find families that could offer comfortable accommodation and an interactive tour around their farms. We created an experience together with these families that centers around local produce, especially the production of organic coffee! 


    With our tour agency creation in 2008, we directly involved our most important partners: local coffee farmers. We helped advise, train, and financially support them in the world of tourism. They’re now equipped to share their deep knowledge of coffee production and strengths as organic coffee farmers while maintaining fair trade practices. These families have lived in a touristic part of Peru for decades, but have not been able to participate. For example, the Inka Trail trek offers adventure, however, it does not directly involve local communities. Our partners can now economically benefit from tourism while offering fair prices and wonderful experiences at the same time!


    Agricultural History

    The history of cooperative organizations in our region goes back about 60 years. Before cooperative organizations existed, haciendas, or plantations, were reined in the Convención province. In these haciendas, one family would control extensive plots of land with the principal crop being sugar cane. During that time, work policies did not favor the farmer, who tended to suffer abuse (both personal and commercial). In other words, the landowner was the person who controlled production, education, and commerce in the region. This was the backdrop for the revolution, which hoped to change the country’s agricultural system. Farmers began to fight using the slogan “Land belongs to the people who work it!”


    In the ’60s, a law was passed called the Agrarian Reform Act, which distributed plantation land to agricultural families now organized into cooperatives. Because of this, farmers are no longer exploited in our province of La Convención. A new age with new challenges and rewards began for farmers, and thus they decided to found a second-rate organization to sell directly to international markets. In this context, COCLA (a headquarters for agrarian cooperatives) was born. COCLA’s objective has always been to support local farmers and help them sell their products at a fair price both nationally and internationally.


    Each COCLATOURS partner is a small-scale farmer responsible for 3-4 hectares of land, where they cultivate a variety of products to sustain their family, including tea, tropical fruits, root vegetables, and most importantly, coffee and cocoa! Additionally, these families are organized in co-ops, which offer advice, technical assistance, loans, and organic and fair trade certification services.


    We are proud of our tour agency, and our advisors who work with local communities. Primarily, of our unique tours such as the “coffee route” to Machu Picchu. It is now being used by various agencies and tour operators partnered with local homestays on the way to Machu Picchu. Many of the families we work with offer services based around coffee production and have learned to value their agricultural practices. They are proud of being farmers and enjoy teaching their coffee roasting process to tourists. Our dream of a sustainable coffee business and tourism has become a reality. We are proud of our initiative that has positively impacted local families, tour operators, and tourists alike. Today, the central organization of the COCLA cooperative invests in different companies with the hopes of generating more benefits for its base organizations, one of these being the tourism cooperative COCLATOURS. 


    Our small producers and partners are our colleagues and friends. We know their difficulties, how they face those difficulties, and every step of their production system. They are an integral part of the organization; they are the organization. We are a local travel agency, sharing the same philosophy and increasing the sustainability, yields, and incomes of our local farmers; we are COCLATOURS.

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