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  • The province Arequipa finds itself in the likewise named region, having the 3rd most populated capital city of Peru, Arequipa. It is unclear where the name stems from. The most popular theory states that followers of Inca Mayta Capac gave their leader a petition. Thereby they asked for permission to stay in the Valley of the river Chilli. They were very impressed, so the story goes, by the climate and landscapes of the valley. The Inca would have responded with “Ari, qhipay”, meaning “yes, stay” in Quechua. Other theories make it refer to the Misti volcano or a trumpet sound.

    Inca Mayta Capac did not build cities. Instead, he positioned small outposts with Inca’s on tactical locations. Thereby, he gained some control over the region previously inhabited only by tribes. It are those tribes that build the impressive irrigation channels in the area.

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