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  • Carved by the Urubamba River, a huge Valley stretches out in the middle of the Peruvian highlands, in the Andes. Over the ages inhabited by huge empires and greedy invaders, the mysticism of the Cusco Region still manages to grasp many tourists. As the mind-blowing home to the Inca civilization, the Cusco Region is high on the list of many travelers and backpackers. Not only because of the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu. Incredible panoramic sceneries and tons of ancient Inca sites and ruins. Add to this the spiritual retreat centers and rural jungle and mountain farmers. It is no wonder so many different types of travelers find their way to Cusco. Discover here what all the hype is about.

    Built next to a natural salty water spring at Maras you can find over 4000 ponds, the Maras Salt Mines. These pans are used for obtaining salt to provide to the locals of the Sacred Valley. The water gets guided by carefully monitored channels so that it gets properly divided. When the shallow basins are filled the channels are closed and all one needs to do is wait for the water to evaporate.
    Originally the Maras salt mines could be used by any member of the community. The number of mines to be worked depending on the size of the family. Nowadays there are hundreds of families working some thousands of salt mines.

    The Maras Salt Mines are nowadays still in use by families. You can witness them being worked by a cooperative system in the dry season. The system dates from the reign of the Incas in the Sacred Valley. Don´t let that keep you away from them during the raining season though, they still make up for a very impressive scenery you will not all too often see.

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