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     Paracas Nazca Ballestas Huacachina Tour 3D

    Paracas Nazca Ballestas Huacachina Tour 3D

    3 days - 2 nights


    Paracas Nazca Ballestas Huacachina Tour Overview

    Paracas, Nazca, Ballestas & Huacachina 3-day Tour will give you a full package of exciting events among different locations close away from Lima.


    On day1, you will have a variety of adventures such as a trip in famous Paracas National Reserve where we will witness the renowned desert listed in Guinness World Record (as the driest desert in the world), and a tour in Catador Winery where you can have famous drink pisco! On day2, you will have an overflight in Nazca and enjoy an amazing view, and a trip in Huacachina where we will be able to enjoy buggy rides and sandboards on the beautiful dunes. And on the last day, we will have an adventure in Ballestas Islands where we could meet a variety of unique animals such as sea lions and penguins, and enjoy the view of stunning rock formations.


    With a series of thrilling events, you will never get bored during this 3-day trip.
    Please join and have a wonderful adventure with us!


    Paracas Nazca Ballestas Huacachina Tour Itinerary


    07:00 Pick-up by our professional guide and driver at your hotel in Lima. The transport will take approximately 3 and half hours to the Chaco’s port in Pisco.

    We will have a journey in the renowned and isolated Paracas National Reserve which is listed in the world Guinness Records as the driest desert in the world, called Atacama.

    With extensive knowledge, our guide will give you an explanation about the desert formation; you will be able to enjoy the marvelous landscape and the lake in which many migratory birds are stopping by on their trip from south to north.
    With some luck, even great pink flamingos may show up!

    And then, we will continue along the Panamericana highway to the Catador Winery.

    *in order to have a comfortable journey, it is our recommendation that you bring lots of sunblocks, a hat and plenty of water.

    14:00 Arrival at the Catador Winery and lunch in a local restaurant around the winery.

    After lunch, we will have a tour of the vineyards where we could learn about the production of pisco and wine including sowing, harvesting, and processing. During the tour, we will also be able to taste a variety of famous piscos and wines of the region.

    *Lunch is not a part of our tour. However, we will help you order a delicious meal which usually costs approximately 35 soles (or about $10.00).

    16:00 Leave to Nazca.
    18:00 Arrival at your hotel in Nazca (you may stay in Casa Nazca or other similar accommodation)



    07:00 Breakfast at the hotel. We will pick you up at your hotel around 07:00 am and go to the Maria Reiche Aerodrome.
    09:00 Overflight in Nazca Lines
    11:00 While the flights are made and waiting for shifts, our expert local guide will take you on a fascinating Archaeological tour of the Chauchilla cemetery which is well known for the preservation of mummies and soldiers with astonishingly long hair (more than 2 meters long).
    13:00 Leave to the city for lunch
    14:00 Arrival and lunch at the center of Nazca at a local restaurant. After lunch, we will transport to Huacachina where we will be able to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes in the dunes.
    17:00 Arrival at Huacachina. As soon as we arrive, we will go to the marvelous sand dunes of Huacachina.

    Thrilling events in the beautiful sand dunes of Huacachina – dune buggies and sandboarding! You could enjoy the mystical view of the sand dune, and if adventurous, welcome to enjoy sandboarding down the dunes

    18:45 Transport to your hotel In Huacachina (you may stay in Mossone Huacachina or other similar accommodation).

    Enjoy and relax at the Hotel or have your own personal exploration.



    07:00 Breakfast at the Hotel. We will pick you up at your hotel and take a tour to the port to visit Ballestas Islands.
    08:00 Arrival at the Port. We will take a boat to visit our famous Ballestas Islands; the tour will take approximately 2 and a half hours.

    On the boat, you could enjoy watching charming families of sea lions, a variety of birds, and unique penguins in the hot weather.

    You will be also amazed by watching the stunning rock formations. You many also visit islands by boat!

    We will transport you back to Lima.

    17:30 Arrival at your hotel in Lima.




    Paracas Nazca Ballestas Huacachina Tour Prices

    1 person: 997 USD
    From 2 to 3 people : 645 USD each
    From 4-7 people: 575 USD each



    Day 1

    • Pick-Up at your hotel in Lima
    • Transport to Chaco’s Port in Pisco
    • Tour in Paracas National Reserve
    • Tour in Vineyards (including tasting of different pisco and wine)
    • Transport to Nazca

    Day 2

    • Overflight in Nazca
    • Transport to Huacachina
    • Tour in dunes of Huacachina (Buggy Ride and Sandboarding)

    Day 3

    • A boat tour to Balletas Islands
    • Return Trip to Lima

    Through Whole Tour

    • Private Transport and Tour guide.
    • All entrance tickets
    • Tolls, parking, taxes, and all transport
    • Professional tour guide in English/Español
    • Personalized service.
    • Commissions for payment by credit or debit card.


    • Meals
    • Accomodation



    • For the more comfortable travel, we recommend you to bring the following items.

    Sunblock, comfortable walking shoes and clothes, a light sweater (for the boat tour), a hat, sunglasses, and water. And on winter, you should also bring a wind jacket.

    • As for the group size, it is normally from 6 to 7 people. Only on some special occasions, we may have up to 10 people (but never more than 10), this is only for the clients who start their tours from their accommodations in Lima.
    • In case, you still want to have a trip with us in a big group of friends or family with more than 10 people, please send us an email.



    Paracas Nazca Ballestas Huacachina Tour Adicional

    Also, contact us for more details to info@coclatours.com or check Ica Huacachina Paracas 2D

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