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     Rainbow Mountain Hike 1D (Red Valley Optional)

    Rainbow Mountain Hike 1D (Red Valley Optional)

    Full day


    Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) is one of the most incredible attractions Cusco has to offer as of late. The Montaña de Siete Colores only recently jumped to the attention of tourists. Lying on the road to the highest mountain of the Vilcanota Mountain range, Ausangate Mountain (6384 meters) how could it be missed one can ask himself. It is said by local guides that this is as a result of climate change. The ice on top of the mountain melting revealed the bright rainbow pattern in the composition of the mountain. Formed after ages by layers of sediment rock, changing colors depending on the influencing environmental conditions, this unique landscape came as if a present packed for now.


    You will never forget this experience, as it involves quite the strenuous hike to arrive at an extremely unique destination. You will need to be physically and mentally prepared for this hike, which takes you through the chain of mountains of the Ausangate Glacier. National Geographic has labeled Vinicunca as one of the 100 places you should go before you die. Do not miss out on this opportunity to embark on this unforgettable adventure and discover the vivid colors of Rainbow Mountain Boasting in the sun.


    The red valley in Cusco is another tourist attraction apart from the one, which is becoming very popular in the last few months, apart from the marvelous Rainbow Mountain, this beautiful red valley receives more than 500 visits a day, it is a chain of mountains and ravines of pure red earth, forming beautiful peaks that are very striking for any tourist.

    We advise you to combine this tour with seeing the Red Valley in all its brilliance. The Valley is located only 15 minutes away from the mountain and is a real pearl for the eye.


    Rainbow Mountain Itinerary:

    CUSCO / CUSIPATA: We will pick you up at 6:00 AM from your hotel in Cusco. Our private transportation will take you from the south of Cusco to Cusipata. The transfer lasts an average of 2hours on the Cusco-Sicuani highway. After the breakfast at 8:30 am we will continue our trip to take you to the “Rainbow Mountain” via Cusipata for about 1 hour to reach the village of Llactoc with a beautiful landscape you can see a lot of wildlife like herds of alpacas.

    We start with our adventure with a walk uphill for about 1 hour to 1hour and a half. Continuing we appreciate in the distance the snowy mountains and wonderful landscapes, finally, we arrive at the rainbow mountain where it is also possible to visit the “Cerro Colorado or red valley”, from the highest part you can appreciate this stunning landscapes from. After visiting and taking pictures, we will return with a 1-hour hike arriving at Llactoc and then to the city of Cusco arriving approx. 5.00 p.m.



    Group Tour: $45.00

    Private Tour: for more detailed information contact us at info@coclatours.com



    Service includes:

    • Transportation round trip
    • Guide
    • 1 Breakfast
    • 1 buffet Lunch
    • Entrance Ticket to the rainbow mountain
    • quilt and walking stick
    • First Aid Equipment 

    Also, consider, the rainbow mountain is located over 5000 masl, because of that it is not recommended for people that suffer from blood pressure, asthma or have any allergies or issues that can put you at risk.

    Does Not Include

    • Additional ticket if you ask for hiking the red valley s/. 20.00 ($7.00)
    • Guide for the red valley s/. 10.00 ($4.00)
    • Rent of Horse and muleteer, you could rent by 90 soles ($30), you pay local people directly
    • Snacks and personal expenses

    Hike level:

    The difficulty of the trek is listed between 1 and 4.

    • Level1: Simple on flat grounds, with no major difficulty
    • Level2: Between the flat ground and few slopes
    • Level3: Few flatlands (greater slope)
    • Level4: Pending and rough lands.

    In this case, the trek is considered Level 2: flat ground and few slopes.

    Useful Information

    • Maximum altitude: 5,080 masl.
    • Cold weather.
    • Distance: 6 km
    • Walking time: 4 hours.




    Red Valley 

    For anyone who wants to know the Rainbow Mountain, you should know that you can take advantage of a new route that will allow you to pass through the famous Red Valley. Without a doubt, this tour is the perfect complement for nature-loving travelers.

    The red valley in Cusco is another tourist attraction, which is becoming very popular in the last few months, apart from the marvelous Rainbow Mountain Cusco, it is a chain of mountains and ravines of pure red earth, forming beautiful peaks that are very striking for any tourist.

    It is is located on the Vinicunca route. Formerly it was completely covered in snow, although there are still seasons that are covered in snow throughout the valley. Due to the reddish color of the valley and the proximity to the mountain of Vinicunca, this red valley has become Vinicunca’s first sister. At the moment the red valley receives approximately 500 daily tourists between nationals and foreigners.


    Does not include:

    • Ticket to red valley s/. 20.00 ($7.00)
    • Horses s/. 90.00 ($30), bring soles
    • Extra guide Guide for red valley s/. 20.00 ($8.00)
    • Tips
    • Money Transfer Fee


    It is recommended to carry:

    • A small backpack.
    • Thermal underwear to beat the cold
    • Comfortable shoes
    • Rain poncho
    • Sun hat
    • Sunscreen
    • Personal medicines

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