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     Sachavacayoc Tour 4D

    Sachavacayoc Tour 4D

    4 days - 3 nights


    Sachavacayoc Tour Overview

    Having the best location in the Tembopata River, the tour of Sachavacayoc gives you easy access to 3 oxbow lakes where you can have an amazing experience of exploring wildlife deep in the jungle of Amazon (Tembopata River is located in the border of the Tambopata National Reserve)

    The lodge is located nearby Condenado lake, provides you the best location to find the most spectacular clay-lick in the world, and have romantic and adventurous excursions with numerous wild animals such as monkeys, black Caymans, Giant Otter, macaws, and different species of birds.


    Sachavacayoc Tour Itinerary

    Day 1: Arrival, Transfer in Tembopata River, Jungle Walk in Finca Sachavacayoc

    • Upon your arrival to Pto. Maldonado City, our guide or driver will welcome and pick you up at the airport or bus station and transfer for a few minutes to our office in town.
      We will provide 1 professional guide for a group of max 8 people – our guides are highly experienced with deep knowledge of the area and rainforest.
    • In our office you can organize your luggage to the limited stuff which is necessary for the trip – you can leave the rest of your luggage.
      In that way, your can have more comfortable travel besides we could make our porter cargos lighter.
      If necessary, you could get a duffel at the office.
    • We will transfer from our office to Tambopata River Port.
    • We will travel on Tambopata River for about 2 hours to Finca Sachavacayoc.
      On the way, we could enjoy watching birds, caimans, capybaras, and monkeys if lucky.We will provide you lunch with cold bottled drinks on the boat; you will be able to customize your lunch with a vegetarian option.
      Our guides will safely navigate you to Finca Sachavacayoc.
    • After arrival, we will transfer to our accommodation and have a little rest.
    • After the rest, we will go for a jungle walk in which you will get an introduction to nature and get familiarized with the forest.We will wait until it gets dark to do a night walk; during the night walk, we could encounter rare nocturnal creatures and critters such as impressive ground birds eating Tarantula which could be as big as your hand.
    • After the night walk, we will have dinner at the lodge.

    Day 2: Chuncho Clay-lick, Condenado Lake. Night Walk

    • We will visit one of the world’s natural wonders, Chuncho clay-lick, the largest clay lick in the world.We will have an early departure at 4 am, then will have a journey for 2 hours on our boat on the Tambopata River; it is important that we will arrive at the observation point before the parrots in order to experience the best parrot show.On the boat, we will have breakfast.
      During the journey to the clay-lick, we could observe a variety of animals such as Capybaras, Caymans, and if lucky Jaguar or Tapirs (the two most special terrestrial mammals of the Amazon)
    • After arriving at the clay lick area, you will be able to observe rare animals and their behaviors such as three major species of macaws getting together and hundreds of parrots eating clay – the behavior that you can observe in no other place in the world.
      If necessary, we will stay there until we get to see the macaws eating clay.
    • We will return to the lodge for lunch and get rest.
    • After the rest, we will get packed and depart for the beautiful Condenado lake which is about 1 hour away from the lodge (we will slowly walk there while enjoying the natural environment and get there by evening).
    • Soon after arriving, we will take a paddle canoe on which we could feel the atmosphere of the deepest and wildest jungle while watching monkeys screeching and macaws crowing.
    • In the Condenado lake, you will be able to encounter many wild species such as monkeys, caimans, lots of Hoatzin, and macaws flying to the roosts.
      There will also be a high chance to see the very shy animal Anaconda.We will be able to exclusively enjoy a very unique jungle experience in the pure nature of the lake.
    • We will leisurely take a night walk back to the lodge while enjoying the exotic environment of the jungle surrounded by the voices of different animals.
    • After the night walk, we will have dinner at the lodge.

    Day 3: Lake Sachavacayoc, Tres Chimbadas Lake

    • After breakfast, we will leisurely take a walk to Lake Sachavacayoc, the magnificent lake located in the heart of the Tambopata National Reserve, two hours away from the lodge.After arriving in mid-morning, we will right away take a paddle canoe and will enjoy the deepest and wildest jungle.The journey of Sachavacayoc will give you a unique jungle experience with the observation of a variety of wildlife such as monkeys, caimans, species of tapirs, Anacondas, Hoatzin, and numerous blue and yellow colored macaws all over the place.
    • We will walk through the deepest jungle back to the lodge, have lunch, and get a rest.
    • After the rest, we will get packed for the journey to Tres Chimbadas Lake which is located half an hour down the Tambopata river from the lodge.During the journey of the Tres Chimbadas Lake, you will be able to enjoy the wildlife such as monkeys, caimans, lots of Hoatzin macaws flying by.
      Also, you can uniquely find a family group of Giant Otters.
      We will stay until dusk while enjoying the beautiful and magical moments on the lake.
    • Right after dusk, we will get back to the lake while spotting Caymans and Jaguars on the river bank.
    • We will have dinner after arriving at the lodge.

    Day 4: Return Trip

    • We will have breakfast at the lodge and depart to Pto. Maldonado.



    Sachavacayoc Tour Price

    550 USD per person if you could stay in double or twin cabin
    680 USD if you stay in a cabin by yourself



    Day 1

    • Airport/Bus Stop Pick-up to our office in Pto.Maldonado
    • One professional and knowledgeable guide for a group of max 8 people
    • Luggage deposit service at our office
    • Transportation from our office to Tambopata River Port
    • Transportation from Tambopata River Port to Finca Sachavacayoc
    • Lunch with cold bottled drink (with vegetarian option)
    • Accommodation in Finca Sachavacayoc
    • Night Walk Tour in Jungle
    • Dinner at the lodge

    Day 2

    • Chuncho clay lick Tour
    • Breakfast on the boat
    • Lunch at the lodge
    • Condenade lake Tour
    • Dinner at the lodge

    Day 3

    • Breakfast at the lodge
    • Lake Sachavayoc Tour
    • Lunch at the lodge
    • Tres Chimbadas Lake Tour
    • Dinner at the lodge

    Day 4

    • Breakfast at the lodge
    • Return Trip to Pto.Maldonado


    Add-Ons to Sachavacayoc Tour

    Also, contact us for more details to info@coclatours.com .
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