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     Uros, Taquile and Amantani, full Titicaca lake tour 2D

    Uros, Taquile and Amantani, full Titicaca lake tour 2D

    2 days - 1 night


    Titicaca lake islands

    The Titicaca lake, according to local culture the birthplace of the sun, is known as the largest navigable lake in the world and the second-largest lake in South America. At an altitude of 3812 meters (12507 feet), it is the highest large lake in the world spanning over 2 countries, Bolivia and Peru.


    On this two-day excursion, you will visit the island of Taquile, the floating islands of Uros, and spend a night on Amantani, where you will be sleeping at a local homestay, and share in family customs.


    Amantani is 40 kilometers or 25 miles from Puno (3 hours by normal-speed boat) and is the biggest of the Titicaca lake islands. Due to its distance, tourism on Amantani Island is not as developed as that on Táquile. This is precisely the attraction of what has become the most popular group tour on Lake Titicaca.


    Taquile is an island only 7 square kilometers, harboring around 2000 indigenous people. Despite the size of the local community, its culture is world renown for its colorful woven textiles. Everywhere you go on the island you can bear witness to the stunning landscapes of the green hills contrasted with the blue water of the Titicaca lake.


    Uros is the name of the 120 (and growing )floating islands built by the Uru, the indigenous offspring of the oldest native community of the Titicaca lake. This unique culture is an astounding experience to witness, living afloat on floating platforms of Totora reed.


    Embark on this beautiful journey meeting the indigenous Uru amongst the spectacular landscapes of the Titicaca lake islands!




    7:40 am Pick-up passengers at their respective hotels and transfer to the port of Puno.


    8:15 am we will start our journey by boat in the direction of Amantani.


    8:45 am Visit to the Uros Islands. Here you will participate in a cultural demonstration to showcase the way of life in Uros and to learn about their daily activities.


    1:30 pm we will arrive at Amantani Island, where your host family will be waiting to welcome us in and accompany us to our homestay.


    2:00 pm Lunch at the homestay.


    4:00 pm Begin the tour to the highest point on the island. Here lies a ceremonial center called “Pachatata,” and from this center, we will be able to appreciate a magical Andean sunset.


    7:00 pm Dinner and overnight at a local family’s house.


    Often when these families host tourists, they organize something called a Peña, which is a small celebration with Andean dance and music. You will have the opportunity to participate in the dancing and surely, you will have a great time!



    8:00 am After breakfast, we will head back towards the port of Amantani to continue on to Táquile.


    9:00 am Arrival at Táquile Port, where we will follow a soft trail that will take us to the main community on the island.


    10:15 am Arrival at the town and visit to the artisanal markets.


    11:45 am Lunch on Táquile (lunch is not included in the tour price)


    12:30 pm We will begin our return towards the main port of Táquile, which will be about an hour hike down 538 steps towards the principal access point on the island.


    1:00 pm Return to Puno by boat.


    3:40 pm Arrival at Puno and transfer to your hotel.



    Titicaca lake islands 2d Price in USD

    Group Service: $53.00



    • Official tour guide for two days (Spanish and English)
    • Pick-up from your hotel in Puno
    • Transportation in a normal speed boat (3 and a half hours until Amantani and 2 and a half hours from Táquile to Puno)
    • Entrance fees into the islands of Uros, Amantani, and Táquile.
    • Lodging and meals on Amantani (1 lunch, 1 dinner, and 1 breakfast). basic services.


    • Tip
    • Lunch in Táquile (25 soles or $12, if you prefer to pay in soles, it will be directed to the community)
    • There is an additional cost for transfers to the port from hotels that are outside of the city. These hotels are Libertador,
    • Eco Inn, Casa Andina Private Collection, Posada del Inka, Jose Antonio, and hotels in the town of Chucuito.

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