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     Uros Islands Tour 1/2D

    Uros Islands Tour 1/2D

    Half a day


    The floating islands of Uros

    On this tour, you will learn about the floating Islands of Uros located in the bay of Lake Titicaca at only 14 kilometers (9 miles) from the city of Puno. This boat trip will only last 30 minutes to arrive at the closest islands.


    “URU” was the name of a particular ethnic group that coexisted on Lake Titicaca with other ancient civilizations such as the Aymara and the Incas. It is believed that the Uros people could have been the first ethnic group that populated the high Andean region surrounding Lake Titicaca.


    The Uros people lived a life of fishermen and hunters who preferred to remain isolated from the more advanced civilizations on firm land. In their search for isolation, they decided to build “floating houses” on the lake.


    When the Spanish chroniclers found the Uros people at the end of the sixteenth century, they also found their floating houses. It was not until the early 60’s that the Uros people began to construct small artificial Totora reed islands for their houses.


    Today, the Totora reed is a very important element for the Uros people. The Totora is used for food, animal feed, constructing rafts, houses, making fire, and cooking. Thanks to the Uros people today, we can appreciate a way of life from the past. The Uros people that now live on these islands work in tourism and they work hard to make sure their children have a bright future.



    8:50 am Pick-up from hotels for your transfer to the Puno port


    9:15 am Departure time to Uros


    10:00 am Cultural visit to at least two of the Uros Islands


    12:00 pm Return to Puno



    PRICE: $ 20.00



    • Transfer from your hotel to the port and back to your hotel
    • Shared round trip boat trip to and from Puno
    • Entrance fee into the islands
    • Official guide (English and Spanish)


    • Tip
    • Food
    • Money Transfer fee
    • There is an additional cost of $25 for transfers to the port from hotels that are outside of the city. These hotels are: Libertador, Eco Inn, Casa Andina Private Collection, Posada del Inka, Jose Antonio and hotels in the town of Chucuito.

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