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  • The oldest settlements in the Ica region date back 10 000 years. The most studied civilizations, however, are the Paracas, long-headed people settling around 1500 BC, and the famous Nazca. You know the latter of there geoglyphs and underground aqueducts about 1500-year-old.

    The Ica region has always been a fertile area, popular for agriculture as far back as we can see. Thanks to its warm climate it has been an export region even for the Incas after they settled in the 15th century. When the Spanish settled they brought in vineyards and wine. Thanks to this the national Peruvian drink Pisco finds its origins on these rich Pacific coastlines. The climate provides Ica with a myriad of wildlife as well. It has for example its own species of penguins. The region holds something for all kinds of travelers to be discovered.

    Ica Huacachina Paracas 2D 319.00

    Ica Huacachina Paracas 2D

    2 days - 1 night

    Ica Huacachina Paracas Tour Overview Are you looking for some excitement outside of Lima? The Ica Huacachina Paracas Tour will…

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